My Mission


I take a stand for the Empowered Woman … The Empowered Entrepreneur.


I’m tired of women feeling unworthy and undeserving of love, money, pleasure, and rewards - hating their bodies - loathing themselves - doubting themselves - seeking approval from others - dimming their light.


That was my story too.  Feeling “disgusting,” undesirable, unworthy and “not good enough” got me on “The Path” – seeking, reading, learning, growing, evolving.


I want women to feel empowered – Empowered around money, food, sex and their soul - all things “taboo” in our culture.


I want women to know their worth – claim their value – and stand for themselves and their desires.


I want women to feel deserving of money (BIG money) – pleasure – passion – and all of life’s treasures.


I want women to feel amazing in their skin – to worship their bodies (a strong word I know and very hard in today’s society) – and experience the power of their femininity and sensual desires.


My mentor once said, “Before you’re a ‘master,’ you’re a disaster,” and there’s no doubt that was true for me.  First it played out in food – then relationships – and then money.  My self-loathing left no stone unturned.  


I went from a hardcore eating disorder to unhealthy relationships to a “Boom & Bust” experience with money.  I never realized one could have an “anorexic/bulimic” relationship with money until I experienced it for myself.


When our thoughts are toxic, it plays out in all areas of our life.  After all, how you do anything is how you do everything!


After many trips to hell-and-back, I feel empowered - at peace with myself - at home in my body - and in right relationship with money.


I realized that the ultimate love affair is the one we have with ourselves.  Our relationship with ourselves mirrors our relationship with everything – money, food, men, you name it!


I’m on a mission to help women claim their power, honor their worth, create wealth based on feminine principles, and feel f**king amazing in their skin!