In my opinion, it takes balance to live a full life. Gabrielle has a gift for helping women who want it all to achieve that balance by up-leveling every aspect of their life instead of balancing to the lowest common denominator. She is able to do this because she lives and breathes excellence, feminine magnetism, and soulful affluence.

-Liesa Harte, Freedom Lifestyle Strategist

My goal when I began working with Gabrielle was to learn how I can continue to increase my income while taking more time off to pursue my life goals and purpose. It almost shocks me when I reflect on how much of a growth curve I experienced working with her. In less than 3 months of working together, I tripled my income while buying back 10% of my time! 

-Nitsa Nakos, Entrepreneur

My life changed considerably in just 3 months: I’m happier, more confident and I tripled my income.  I know I have an awesome future in front of me now!  My life and my business are back on track, and I’m more organized to create the success I desire.

-Debbie Miller



I tripled my income, lost more than 20 pounds, saved and invested money and started my own business.  What is impossible to measure in dollars or pounds is my newfound self-esteem, which has rocketed skyward since starting the program. Self-actualized and successful—what a glorious place to be!

-Robin McMacken, Business Owner, Author

My income increased dramatically after beginning Gabrielle’s program. I increased my sales by 50% in just 3 months! 

-Lisa Moore, Entrepreneur

While working with Gabrielle, I quadrupled my income, and my net worth doubled! I also lost 20 pounds and my relationships improved dramatically - my husband is my best friend, and my relationship with my children and my mother is better than ever.

-Olga Zambrano



Talking to Gabrielle is endlessly inspiring, thought-provoking and fascinating, because she is such a complex, curious and intelligent woman versed in many modalities. She is equally sensual, sensitive and totally committed - holding every woman to her highest and most well-rounded potential.

- Liivi Hess, Freedom Lifestyle Business Success Coach

First, I would like to acknowledge Gabrielle for making me do things that I really do not want to do but that are necessary to reach my goals. I started Coaching when I wasn’t making any money for three solid months to making over $31,500 in less than 6 weeks.  

-Eva Reyes, AvaSearch Firm LLC

I can honestly say that I made the best decision of my life when I signed up for Coaching! I could not have asked for a more intelligent, supportive, compassionate, dedicated and hard working coach. Since working with Gabrielle, I have made over 10 times my previous salary!

Truly every aspect of my life has changed for the better! Having her support, guidance and encouragement, I have succeeded in so many ways.  I am so very excited to continue on this amazing journey! 

-Janet T., Vice President of Costume Product Development and Design



As former head coach for the world’s largest personal and financial development program I have worked with hundreds of Coaches. Gabrielle stands out among the best of the best. Her clients have received more recognition for outstanding achievements than any of the more than 100 Coaches in our program. If you want to dramatically increase your income, free up your time, enjoy life more and reach your incredible potential, do what I do - call her!

-Graham White, Previous Head Coach, Peak Potentials / President, Incredible Potential

In less than three months, my average per job quote has tripled, and my cash on hand has more than doubled!

Gabrielle also makes me look at every corner of my life. I’m dating and having fun! I lost the few pounds that I’ve been trying to get rid, and I’m spending more time with friends and being a better friend, which has made me happier in general. Life is really looking grand, and I’m glad it is mine! 

-Misti Layne Reif, Photographer

Thank you for all of your time, patience and infinite wisdom!  In addition to moving forward with my finances, I’m much better at balancing my life and the things that are important to me.   I’m amazed at how I’ve propelled forward in so many areas of my life!  

I’ve awakened to a sense of purpose and drive to become better than I’d ever dreamed I could be.  Life's possibilities are really opening up for me, and for that, I thank you.

-Cathy Ramos, Businesswoman



Your guided money mapping session was really powerful!  Not only did it provide me with clarity about my money mindset, but it also brought out the physical sensations I experience in my thoughts about and interactions with money.  You helped me recognize and move through the mental barriers that have kept me from attracting money into my life.  Since our session, I have felt a shift from a scarcity mentality to one of abundance. Thank you, Gabrielle!

-Kelly Bishop, Mindset Mentor

Immediately after joining your program, I made two sales within a week!  I also released 30 pounds while working with you, and the sales that I made are 100% improvement over last years’ profit!  I would say that I have changed wholly as a person.  I have experienced tremendous growth in mind, body and spirit!  Thank you so much for your great coaching!

-Dawn Horvath, Entrepreneur

I am amazed at the opportunities that have come my way since working with you!  Prior to coaching, I was extremely shy and lacked the confidence I needed to move forward in my business and towards my dreams. Through your coaching, I received the courage I need to create the life I have always wanted!  By following through on the commitments I made, I will be making $350,000 profit on one of my business transactions!  I just can't believe what I have the courage to do now thanks to you!

-Cathy Scott

Coaching was a wonderful experience for me!  Gabrielle has an incredible talent to work with a group of individuals and interact in a way that brings out the best in all participants and creates a cohesiveness that is mutually beneficial. I loved her exercises; these are fun tools that have produced instant results. I highly recommend coaching for anybody that wants to improve the quality of her life!

-Priska King, Entrepreneur


 Choosing to do the Tapping Into Wealth program with Gabrielle has been life-changing so far! She is holding loving and powerful space for me to release the programming around money that I've carried since childhood which has kept me in a continual feast or famine state in my business. We are just beginning to work together and already I'm noticing wonderful shifts and changes. I'm feeling more peaceful and relaxed around money. And,clients and income are manifesting with a new level of ease!  The night of our second session, I enrolled a $2K client and created my second $5K month ever. I'm excited to see what unfolds next as Gabrielle and I continue to work together to transform my relationship with money! 

-Adrianne DeCotes, Intuitive Success Coach for New Coaches & Healers

While coaching with Gabrielle, I doubled my income in just 3 months through implementation of her powerful tools. Gabrielle absolutely lives her legacy.  She shows up 100% for each call and brings her down-to-earth integrity, wisdom and practical tools that clients can implement immediately to transform every aspect of their lives.  Every great leader has at least one great coach on their bus of life.  You deserve to have Gabrielle on yours.

-Tina Rayner CEO of Rise To Shine Coaching Inc.  

The best thing I did was invest in myself and take your class!  I was not in profit with my business at the time I signed up, but I new it would pay off for me.  Actually, it paid off immediately!  Within 2 weeks of signing up, I made $4,000!  I appreciate you, and I am excited about the person I am becoming and am enjoying the journey.  Thank you, Gabrielle!

-Yvonne Lavergne

I just wanted to take the opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to you!!!  I have not felt so good in a very long time!!  I have released unwanted weight and am working out 5 times a week.  What makes this even better is my husband now comes to the gym with me, and we are working as a team - becoming closer and healthier at the same time.  Thank you again for your support and awesome tools!

-Susan Nelson



My money map session with Gabrielle was motivating and humbling all in one.  I didn't know what to expect but with Gabrielle's guidance I can see clearly about my current and future financials.  I was also able to see what I have been doing, recognize what I need to stop doing, and how to improve my financial future. Thank you Gabrielle!

-Bronwyn Ison, Owner Evolve Yoga & TV Personality

My life came into a really beautiful balance after just a short time with Gabrielle. During our time together, I accomplished my goal of finishing my dissertation, entered into a lucrative modeling career and started my own business – which has turned out to be quite successful.  And the icing on this delicious cake: my relationship has never been better!

Gabrielle showed me how to break my habit of feeling ruled by time and how to take control of my time. In just a month of putting Gabrielle’s advice into practice, I found that I had at least tripled my productivity with my dissertation, and I still had time for everything else I wanted to do. My friends and family also noticed a big difference in my behavior, and I now keep in much better contact with everyone.

-Kimberly Bird

Shortly after starting Coaching, I doubled my income.  I also started having more fun - taking time to "play,” date, dance and workout. My health has dramatically improved as I am now exercising regularly, eating healthier, and taking rally good care of myself. I am feeling stronger and much more positive!

One-on-one coaching has kept me focused, and I’ve reconnected with my big dreams. Gabrielle has kept me motivated and looking in a positive direction.  The ideas she has given me are very helpful, and I feel like she has been a great help to me.

Gabrielle has been invaluable to me in taking steps along the path of success.

-Sherry A., Seattle, WA



Gabrielle is truly a one-of- a-kind woman and coach. She brings such a fresh perspective and outlook on life. I can tell you, just from my personal experience while working with her, my life has been completely transformed in the most positive, exciting, and joyful way. She truly is a coach who is fully committed to your success in life and in business. So if you’re ready to kick it into gear and achieve the results you desire for yourself, look no further than Gabrielle!

-Whitley Sisneros, Online Business Strategist

Since coaching with Gabrielle, my happiness and satisfaction with life has improved 100%.   I feel that Gabrielle helped me to grow into the woman that I was meant to be.  I’ve had more personal honesty and growth while working with her than ever before. 

My professional life also skyrocketed.  The more I stand firm for what I believe in, and the more I respect my priorities, abilities and strengths, the more my income grows, and the happier I feel with the choices I make daily.

Coaching with Gabrielle taught me that "living beyond boundaries" meant discovering and living “within” my own personal boundaries.  Before coaching with Gabrielle, I did not know how to say "No". I did not acknowledge what was important to me, or how to prioritize.  Thank you, Gabrielle, for all you do!

-Julie C., British Columbia, Canada

I am much more confident, happy, courageous, and successful than I have ever been.  I am so pleased to say that I am now a successful director, a better wife, and more involved socially.

-Gwenn McCaleb



Gabrielle has a warm heart and spirit that makes you want to work with her. Her experience and expertise makes her very valuable. Gabrielle represents only the best. You must be 100% all-in to work with Gabrielle or it’s not going to happen. But if you are, she will give you her full attention and get you the results you have been looking for. Without a doubt, Gabrielle will change your life! 

- Valerie Luckett, Life Coach, Valerie Luckett Coaching

Gabrielle has provided me with a wealth of tools to create my BEST life and maintain responsibility for where I choose to be in my own life journey.

Gabrielle creates an environment that is one of mutual discovery, enlightenment and action.  She WALKS her TALK!  Her authenticity and sincerity in what she shares is refreshing and empowering.  Thank you Gabrielle!

-Naomi Holmes, Production Manager

Thank you for guiding me on this journey of Self-Awareness – for showing me that I can change my life and giving me the tools to do so – for giving me the freedom and encouragement to dream big dreams and take those dreams and ambitions and make them my reality.  Thank you!  Thank you! 

By being supported, I actually found where in my life I had let myself stop dreaming.  I am releasing those thoughts and the people who crushed those past dreams. Whether or not my dreams intimidate, scare, or are deemed “unreachable” by others, I know who I am now and what is possible with hard work, determination, commitment, perseverance, and a “big dream.”

I am a different person now.  I am dreaming, and I am taking the steps to get to those dreams.  Thank you, Gabrielle, for encouraging me each week to take the steps I need to take to live my dreams (and, yes, there are a few tears dropping as I write this).  

-Tina Ketcher

While coaching with Gabrielle, I changed every area of my life and created the life of my dreams!

My husband and I are closer than ever.  We started working together (a longtime dream of ours) - wrote a book, and doubled our income!  

I also lost 15 pounds, spend more time with family and friends, and finally take time for myself to simply play, meditate, read for pleasure, and volunteer to organizations that are dear to my heart.  I learned to delegate, set boundaries, and say “no” to people and activities that do not serve me.

I feel a new sense of freedom and enjoy life each and every day, giving thanks for my many blessings.

-Sylvia Kramer, Wife, Mother, Businesswoman



Gabrielle is so inspiring to talk and to work with! I love how she focuses on the whole person in order to create real change. You feel as though you are completely taken care of and being guided by someone who is so knowledgeable and strong in her training and her belief in who you are. She cuts right to the core of the issues you’re having because she can see the blocks that are holding you back. The tools that she uses to help you transform are so easy to understand and you can see real results immediately. 

-Dara Steinberg, Transformational Energy Worker