“I Can’t Be Spiritual + Sexy”

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Do you ever say things like…? “I can’t be spiritual and sexy.” “I can’t have love and money.” “I can’t be sexy and professional.  I won’t be taken seriously.” I recently looked up the word, “abracadabra,” and it means, “I create what I speak.” Say out loud, “I create what I speak,” and … Read More

Money, Food, Sex + The Soul (How Fear + Power Play Out)

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The correlation between money, food, sex and the feminine soul is huge. The fears women entrepreneurs face in these areas are similar: Fear of standing in your power Fear of being vulnerable Fear of being visible Fear of not being “good enough” Fear of not being perfect Fear of being … Read More

Pleasure As Your Pathway To Success: 6 Ways To Ignite Your Energy, Enthusiasm & Creativity

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Do you feel vibrant, sexy and beautifully feminine? I know that may sound like a random question, but as a female entrepreneur, your power lies in your femininity, and how you feel about yourself and in your body impacts your life, business and income in every way. Your femininity fuels … Read More

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