Pleasure As Your Pathway To Success: 6 Ways To Ignite Your Energy, Enthusiasm & Creativity

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Do you feel vibrant, sexy and beautifully feminine?

I know that may sound like a random question, but as a female entrepreneur, your power lies in your femininity, and how you feel about yourself and in your body impacts your life, business and income in every way.

Your femininity fuels your brilliance, feeds your intuition, and gives you power.  It’s your secret weapon – your “Wow Factor”– and your greatest gift and asset!

The past few days I’ve been feeling a little “off.”  For almost a week, I couldn’t put my finger on it.  After all, I’ve been doing all the “right” things: tapping, tantra, meditation, journaling and a host of great self-care practices. 

I’ve also been spending time with people who love and support me in every way.  Usually these things make me feel nourished, relaxed and totally on fire.  Lately, however, that hasn’t been the case.

Then, my intuition kicked in, and I realized I needed more alone time – more unstructured time – and more support with my business.

It dawned on me that what worked for me in the past no longer sustained me.  I’m not the same woman I was last year, and my needs are a lot different.  Just as my business has completely changed, so have my desires and self-care requirements.

I need different things now to fuel me – feed me – and light me up.  Also, what makes me feel relaxed isn’t necessarily the same thing that makes me feel beautifully feminine and super sensual.

These were huge insights for me!  My self-care practices and feminine rituals were starting to feel like another “To Do” item to put in my schedule.  They had lost their power and something new was needed.

I was no longer feeling nurtured and inspired – let alone feminine and sexy.  It’s no wonder my projects were taking longer than usual, and my creative juices weren’t flowing. 

While I always evaluate my goals and make course corrections, I hadn’t thought about adjusting my self-care practices and support structures since I was doing so many “positive” things for myself.

Once I realized all this, I changed things up and immediately felt a huge shift in my energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

So, what’s the take-away?
  1. As you reflect on your own routines and rituals, check in and ask yourself what you most need in this moment.  The answer you get may be very different than what you’re currently doing, or you may need to make some slight adjustments.
  2. Make sure your self-care activities also include things that make you feel beautiful, feminine and sensual.
  3. Give yourself permission to relax, refuel and rejuvenate – without feeling rushed or guilty. 
  4. Trust your intuition and your feelings and allow them to guide you.
  5. Regularly update your self-care and pleasure practices to make sure they still support, up-lift and inspire you.
  6. Never underestimate the power of your femininity.  Celebrate it.  Honor it. Trust it.  Use it.
How will this benefit you?

When you practice extreme self-care and ground in your femininity and sensuality, you exude confidence and charisma.  You’re captivating and magnetic and easily attract things to you: money, clients, intimacy and more!  You not only feel great, you set the world on fire – including your business!

What can you do to up-level your self-care practices?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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