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As I’m sure you know, your parents’ relationship with money greatly impacted you.

It actually plays into your current money situation more than you may realize.

If you’re interested in Chakras, spirituality and energy work, you may like knowing your “Family of Origin” (aka: Your “Tribe”) represents your 1st Chakra.

This Chakra represents everything solid in your life and impacts your sense of safety and security.

The “vows” we make here are as follows:

The vow to always support our tribe – to keep their secrets – to be loyal – to honor family customs – and to live the truth of our tribe.

OR …

The vow to never be like our parents – to never care about or want money – to reject our tribe.

There is usually a sense of fierce loyalty or fierce dislike.  This is what can create a “feast or famine” (“boom or bust”) relationship with money.

This love/hate relationship with money plays out at an unconscious level.  That’s why it can be so challenging to move beyond it.

The great news is that once you become clear how your family impacted you, you can begin the process of healing and clearing it.

This is not about “blame” or pointing fingers at your family.

This is about liberating yourself – freeing yourself from limiting beliefs – stepping into your power more fully – creating the life you desire – the wealth you crave and the freedom you deserve.

When you’re ready to free yourself from the past, create a sacred space and answer the following questions in your journal:

  • How did money feel in your Family of Origin?  Was there anxiety, fear, tension, anger, sadness and/or arguments around money?
  • Did your family work really hard but never get ahead?  How does that make you feel? Do you feel compassion?  Sadness?  Anger?
  • Was there tragedy around money?
  • Was there a sense of “people like us?”
  • How did your parents feel about wealthy people?
  • Were your parents overly focused on money?  Was that their measure of success and happiness?  How did that make you feel?

Take as much time as you need answers to the questions in as much depth and detail as possible.  As you do, you’ll get a lot of insights into your current money dynamics.

Diving into your money story can bring up a lot of emotions so please be gentle and compassionate with yourself.  

Remember, healing and transformation is a process.

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What “vows” have you made around money?  Leave a comment, and let me know!


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