Is It Time For A Reboot? Are Things Not Going As Planned?

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I don’t know about you, but my year didn’t start the way I anticipated.

To me, the new year is filled with new beginnings.

It’s a magical time filled with promise, hope, excitement and anticipation.

It represents new dreams, new aspirations, and new possibilities.

It’s a sacred time for me.  Divine.

It’s not that I believe everything begins and ends on January 1st, but I use that date as a “time stamp.”  A marker.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some great things happening during that time.

Romantic love.  Celebrations.  Gathering with friends.

Just as I thought things were about to soar, many things collapsed.

My relationship ended.

My parents were on the brink of divorce.

My friend and website host passed away.

I lost access to my website for 3 weeks.

My online business was in jeopardy.

Regardless of how many good things I was doing to nurture and take care of myself, my body was suffering from the stress.

I broke out in a rash for months and lost my period.

Sleeping through the night was impossible.

My appetite disappeared, and nourishing my body was a challenge.

Why am I sharing this with you?

It’s important to be authentic and real and also remind you that we all through challenging times no matter how many things we do “right.”

Mini “Dark Nights” (of the soul) often happen more than once in life.

While all this was happening around me, I never thought, “Why me?” or “This isn’t fair.”

Was I upset?  You bet!

Sad?  Definitely.

I allowed myself to feel my feelings.  I honored my process.

I also asked myself empowering questions:

  • How can I use this as my gateway to all my desires?
  • How can this be the best thing that’s ever happened to me?
  • What’s the best thing I can do for my body right now?
  • How can I nurture myself even more?
  • How can this lead to the fulfillment of my dreams?
  • Why is this happening “for” me?
  • What’s the message in all this?
  • What would make me feel really good right now?
  • What’s the best thing I can do to support myself?

I prayed like there was no tomorrow.  I stepped into my faith in a deeper way.

I stopped telling the story of what wasn’t working and started telling a new story of what was working.

I listened to the answers from my empowering questions and took action immediately.

I went into “Solution Mode” and turned away from the problems.

I did a complete reboot of my life.

I re-evaluated everything and made “course corrections.”

My priorities radically shifted.

I simplified my goals dramatically.

I extended my target dates on my action plan.

I ventured out to new places on my own.

I danced and allowed my emotions to flow through me.

I spent time with girlfriends and celebrated life.

I created “The Money Dare” and looked for new ways to serve and provide value.

What happened during this sacred time?

  • I signed 3 clients effortlessly (with 2 more joining me in the next few weeks).
  • My parents reconciled their marriage.
  • My rash completely disappeared.
  • I’m having fun and feeling great.
  • I’m exploring a really big, exciting business opportunity and collaboration!

Where does this leave you?

Women often tell me that they’re “all or nothing.”

The problem is, you can’t be “all” all the time and then err on the side of “nothing.”

Challenges and upset are a part of life.  They’re here to stay.

That said, they don’t need to stop your life or sidetrack you from you dreams.

You can use these experiences to catapult you towards your desires more quickly.

My mentors used to always say, “How you relate to the issue is the issue.”

Are you going to allow these difficulties to take you out or bring you to closer to what you want?

One of my beautiful, courageous clients was experiencing some painful emotions last week, and said she felt like she needed a few days to just cry and be with them.

While I’m all for being with your feelings and allowing yourself the dignity of your process, why would you want to spend 3 days of your life just being sad?

I encouraged her to cry her eyes out, scream if she needed to do so and allow her feelings to come out.


I told her to take an hour or two a day to just express her emotions, and then I told her to “tap,” dance, play, shake, practice the “Power Pose” and do things that brought her JOY.

I told her to also honor her commitments and take daily action on her goals – even if it meant just doing one positive thing a day.

Clients often regret money they’ve “wasted,” but what about time?

Each day that goes by is NEVER coming back again!

Don’t you want to make the most out of your precious life and enjoy it to the fullest?

Maybe things are going well in your life right now, but they could be GREAT.

Perhaps things are challenging, and you’re ready for a reboot.

No matter where you are in this moment, you have the power to completely transform your life.  It’s completely up to you.

As for my client, she chose joy – power – inspiration – and transformation.

Here’s what she sent me the other day:

“Gabrielle, my energy changed like you don’t even know.  I feel really good and have a different kind of drive it seems. I liked how you said ‘NO’ to my taking some time to mope and explained the significance of living in both worlds. Because now I’m noticing a tendency that I wasn’t aware of, and am seeing where it comes up, and how work IS actually doable even when emotions are flowing. I feel grounded and in a natural flow.”


So, what will you do today to honor yourself and move forward? 

Leave a comment, and let me know!

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