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Is It Time For A Reboot? Are Things Not Going As Planned?

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I don’t know about you, but my year didn’t start the way I anticipated. To me, the new year is filled with new beginnings. It’s a magical time filled with promise, hope, excitement and anticipation. It represents new dreams, new aspirations, and new possibilities. It’s a sacred time for me.  … Read More

The Best Personal Development Seminar On The Planet!

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There’s a saying you may have heard … “Building a business is the best personal development seminar on the planet!” It brings everything to the surface to be healed, cleared and loved. It can be a mirror for all areas of your life. It’s not uncommon that once a woman … Read More

Sacred. Sexy. Money.

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Money is such an incredible blessing.  It fuels our dreams. It feeds us (literally). It provides us with unlimited opportunities. It funds research. It allows us to follow our dreams, and it empowers us in so many ways. When I think of the word, “money,” so many words come to … Read More

Stop Your “Boom & Bust” Money Cycle

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When I started my coaching business in 2004, I was so incredibly passionate and lit up by my work. I was easily making over 6-figures, and business was flowing to me without my having to seek it out. I worked with hundreds of extraordinary people. I spoke at events with … Read More

The #1 Reason You Don’t Reach Your Goals

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How did you end 2017? Beating yourself up because you didn’t achieve your goals? Celebrating big wins but feel tired, depleted and overwhelmed? Living a new level of mastery and ready to soar even higher? As the year comes to an end, you may be excited, nervous and everything in-between. Like most … Read More

Are You Really Committed To Creating Wealth?

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Money provides so many beautiful gifts and blessings: Freedom, choices, opportunities, impact, contribution, possibilities and so much more. As part of my community, it means you’re interested in building a wildly successful business – creating wealth – being of service – and living an epic life of meaning, passion and … Read More

Create A Rich, Wealthy Vibe That Attracts Money

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Do you ever say things like…? “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “Money is the root of all evil.” “Money can’t buy happiness.” Lately, I’m obsessed with studying the power of language. It’s become my latest “addiction.” Like asking powerful questions, it’s so important to be intentional with the words you … Read More

Do You Have What It Takes To Build Your Empire?

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I often get asked by women when they should invest in business training versus education/certifications. Before I give my opinion, you should know I believe both are important and crucial to your success. That said, there are things to consider when deciding what’s your next best step. Regularly, I see … Read More

Breaking 5 Big Myths of Building An Online Empire

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I’m excited to write you today and share with you so many myths I’ve heard since re-branding my business and launching my new programs.   You’re going to love learning that building your business really doesn’t have to be hard, and having fun is crucial to your success!   So, … Read More