Stop Your “Boom & Bust” Money Cycle

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When I started my coaching business in 2004, I was so incredibly passionate and lit up by my work. I was easily making over 6-figures, and business was flowing to me without my having to seek it out.

I worked with hundreds of extraordinary people. I spoke at events with industry leaders like Mark Victor Hansen (the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” guru) and was a top coach for T. Harv Eker’s “Millionaire Mind” coaching program.

After 7 years of amazing experiences and opportunities, I experienced a devastating loss – my business crumbled – I injured my back – and I ended a long-term relationship all at the same time.

Depression and devastation don’t even begin to describe my experience! I went from the highest point in my life to the lowest low.

To say it was scary and a huge hit to my self-esteem is an understatement. I felt ashamed and embarrassed – especially since I was a business coach and taught money management skills.

What I learned through the process changed my life, my business and my body.

Although I was terrified and often filled with anxiety, losing those clients forced me to look at how I was living my life and running my business. 

  • I was working non-stop.
  • I rarely allowed myself to enjoy my success and relax and play.
  • I was living in “masculine” mode at all times and didn’t feel good unless I was productive and achieved something extraordinary.
  • My life revolved around “To Do” lists and goals.

Can you relate?

Even when I accomplished my goals, I still wasn’t happy and felt completely unfulfilled.

My relationships suffered, as did my body. During that time, I also injured my back (surprise, surprise).

My body was screaming for attention and forcing me to slow down, reflect and making significant changes.

What saved me during this time were my money rituals and deep commitment to myself, learning and growing. 

What did I do to liberate myself from the depths of despair?

  1. I slowed down, reconnected with my body and inner wisdom, and allowed myself to indulge lost passions and incorporated pleasure and play into my life.
  2. I re-worked my financial goals to include new dreams and desires.
  3. I embraced my femininity and a slower pace of life. This “softer” way of showing up actually felt more powerful, and I naturally felt more like the woman I had been trying so hard to become.

As I changed my approach to how I was showing up in the world, everything began to change – my business, my body and my bank account:

  • The shame started to slip away, and happiness, joy and peace emerged.
  • I required less exercise and craved healthier foods.
  • I felt more alive and rejuvenated. This allowed me to make better decisions in all areas of my life.
  • I entered my business with a new passion and zest. I rebranded myself and created new packages that reflected what I really wanted to offer and share.
  • I showed up more authentically and didn’t hide. I allowed myself to be more vulnerable.
  • I marketed myself in new ways.  I increased my prices – knowing I could deliver and was worth it.
  • I took my money practices seriously and began new, self-honoring rituals that were fun and in alignment with my soul and heartfelt dreams.
  • I really started to enjoy money and released my limiting beliefs.
  • I allowed myself to claim my desires and what I really wanted – unaplogetically.
  • I set up new wealth structures to support my values and true ambitions.

If you’re feeling stressed about your finances, please know you’re not alone.  You can eliminate your blocks and create the life you so desperately crave.  If I can do it, so can you!


I’d love to connect with you on this important and powerful topic!  How do you feel about money? 

Leave a comment, and let me know.

The more you talk about money and bring it out into the open, the sooner the shame subsides, and you feel more empowered and free. 

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