Stop Pushing Money Away

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Have you ever said …?

  • “I should have known better.”
  • “I should have done better.”

If you’re anything like me, you know these phrases all too well.

Today I want to talk to you about “forgiveness” – not for others but for yourself.

You may wonder what it has to do with money and business, but let me assure you, it has everything to do with these topics!

As a woman with incredibly high standards (aka: “recovering perfectionist”), it wasn’t until I got certified as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach that I realized these phrases weren’t only detrimental to my self-esteem, they were also impacting my business and bank account in extraordinary ways and keeping me stuck.

Your ability to hold love and compassion for yourself also affects your ability to “receive” and impacts what you feel you “deserve.”

For those of you who love spirituality all things a little “woo-woo,” forgiveness and vulnerability come from your 4th Chakra: Your Heart Chakra.

The “vow” we make from this place is “The vow to be perfect.”

When you strive for perfection, your critical voice is constantly analyzing and judging you.

This critical voice is what keeps you stuck – in life, business and creating the success you desire.

This is the voice that says, “I only deserve money, clients, love, pleasure, etc. if I’m perfect.”

The instant you criticize yourself, your heart closes as does your ability to receive.

When you’re closed off, you’re not available to people, opportunities, brilliant ideas, money and the flow of life.

So often we talk about forgiving others, but forgiving yourself is equally important.

Not only is it crucial to your health and happiness, but it’s your ticket to creating the life and business you envision and dream about.

If you’ve ever felt like, “I should have known better. I should have done better,” that’s a clear indication that forgiveness work is in order.

I can talk about powerful sales calls, creating an epic brand, writing captivating copy and mastering your time all day, but if you’re stuck in perfection mode and closed off to receiving, all the best business tips won’t make a difference.

Of course I’ll still address all these amazing topics, but please don’t underestimate the importance of doing the inner work to clear this vow.

My favorite go-to technique is “tapping” (EFT) for breaking through these kinds of blocks.

Check out my (FREE) Vault for scripts to support you in owning your power – having compassion for yourself – and opening up to money and abundance on every level.


It’s time for you to stop breaking your own heart.

It’s time to start allowing money (big money) – pleasure – passion – and all of life’s treasures to come to you.

What can you do to be more compassionate with yourself?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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