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Do You Feel Like A Fraud?

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Do you feel like you need more education before you can market yourself fully? Do you feel like a “fraud” waiting to be found out that your life isn’t perfect, and you’re a “work in progress?” Regularly, I see brilliant, well-educated women with multiple certifications and degrees put off investing … Read More

Transform Your Money Blueprint Now

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As I’m sure you know, your parents’ relationship with money greatly impacted you. It actually plays into your current money situation more than you may realize. If you’re interested in Chakras, spirituality and energy work, you may like knowing your “Family of Origin” (aka: Your “Tribe”) represents your 1st Chakra. … Read More

The Secret To Achieving Your Outrageous Goals Quickly

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Have you ever set a goal or looked at your vision board and started feeling uneasy? Perhaps you set a goal and as much as you said you wanted it, you just couldn’t get yourself to do the things you knew you “should” do. Setting goals can often be a … Read More

Stand In Your Power & Charge Your Worth

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Have you ever been afraid to raise your rates or ask for what you really want? Perhaps that’s easy for you, but you’re afraid to post on social media or spread your message in a bigger way and allow yourself to be highly visible. After working with hundreds of women … Read More

Your Secret Weapon & Power Source

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How you treat your body not only impacts your health and romantic relationships, it also influences your business and bank account more than you may realize. There’s a definite mind-body-money connection. It can impact your brand – your desire to be visible – step into your power – schedule a photo … Read More

Stop Pushing Money Away

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Have you ever said …? “I should have known better.” “I should have done better.” If you’re anything like me, you know these phrases all too well. Today I want to talk to you about “forgiveness” – not for others but for yourself. You may wonder what it has to … Read More

5 Quick Ways To Raise Your Wealth Thermostat + Create A Rich Mindset

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There are thousands of books on practical things to do with your money (and I’ll be discussing them too throughout our journey together), but what’s not talked about as much are the internal ways to change your wealth thermostat and set yourself up for success. “The Inner Game of Wealth” … Read More

The Mind-Body-MONEY Connection – How Is It Affecting You?

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Money is emotional.  It’s energetic.  It gets us into our bodies.  There’s a definite mind-body-money connection.   Money can bring us pleasure, and it can bring us to our knees.  So much is attached to money.   For some it provides bliss.  For others it brings up feelings of sadness, … Read More

The Power Of Income Goals: Create Your Wealthy Reality

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Success is something we all pursue, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 12 years as a coach, we need a plan. We need specific tools and resources to help us become successful, and we must use them on an ongoing basis. Today, I want to share … Read More