The Mind-Body-MONEY Connection – How Is It Affecting You?

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Money is emotional.  It’s energetic.  It gets us into our bodies.  There’s a definite mind-body-money connection.  

Money can bring us pleasure, and it can bring us to our knees.  So much is attached to money.  

For some it provides bliss.  For others it brings up feelings of sadness, loss, disappointment and despair.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of incredible women over the years and for many of these brilliant and courageous entrepreneurs, the topic of money brings up embarrassment and shame.  

The topic of money can trigger “financial trauma” (something we’ll dive into another day) and wounds of all kinds.

You may think the kinds of “dark” emotions I described only reside in women who are deeply in debt or not making a substantial amount of money, but I’m sad to say that’s not the case.

I’ve had clients who are making 7-figure incomes share the exact same thoughts and feelings as women making a small fraction of that amount.  

I’ve experienced those feelings in the past as well and know how heart-wrenching and uncomfortable it can feel.  Fortunately, I healed those emotions, and you can too!

We all have money blocks (myself included).  The difference is the extent to which they impact us – our incomes – and our happiness.

It’s these blocks that can trigger the “feast or famine” income cycles and the “anorexic/bulimic” spending patterns.

Try this quick exercise, and see what thoughts and feelings come forward:
  1. Write down the amount of money you have in your Savings Account (even if the number is “0”)
  2. Look at the number and notice the feelings in your body.  Write them down.
  3. What is the main thing you say in your head when you look at the number?  Write down any and all thoughts and phrases.
  4. Now, finish this sentence, “This means I’m …” (write down at least 3 things)
  5. Next, do this exact exercise but with your Debt.  Write it down and then go through the same process.
  6. Make sure to write everything down.  Don’t just do it mentally.

Honor your process, and remember to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.  

It takes a lot of courage to do this exercise.  By taking this step, you’ve shed a light on some of the blocks holding your back.

I know it’s not easy to do these kinds of exercises.  The good news is there’s so many great techniques you can use to eliminate your money blocks and create the life and wealth you desire.

Always remember how powerful and amazing you are.  If other women can overcome these blocks, you can too!

Are you excited to do this exercise?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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