Do You Feel Like A Fraud?

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Do you feel like you need more education before you can market yourself fully?

Do you feel like a “fraud” waiting to be found out that your life isn’t perfect, and you’re a “work in progress?”

Regularly, I see brilliant, well-educated women with multiple certifications and degrees put off investing in business training to invest in more education.

While I’m a huge advocate of education (I have 2 Masters’ degrees and countless certifications), I find that they often feel they have to get “more” education before they can become visible and make an impact.

This is often a form of self-sabotage and way to stay “safe” and not risk stepping outside your comfort zone.  

As long as you feel you need more education (when you already have a strong background and a level of mastery), you may be preventing yourself from the success you desire.

Women often feel like a “fraud” so they pursue more education rather than market themselves and become visible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough education that can make that fear disappear.

That has more to do with self-esteem, confidence and feelings of self-worth.

You’re never going to be “perfect” and have it all together.  You’re human – perfectly imperfect.

It’s your “imperfections” that actually make you relatable – beautiful – exquisite – and unique.

People are drawn to your authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, honesty and depth.

They connect to the power of your heart and the peace of your soul.  They want to be able to “feel” you and know you can relate.

Of course, you need to experience, knowledge and expertise.  You need to be masterful in your work and strive for excellence.  That’s a given.

The women I know who feel like a “fraud” are incredibly well-educated, well-traveled, well-read and have a resume that’s beyond impressive.

These women aren’t lacking education or talent, they’re lacking confidence, personal power, and strategic business and wealth-building practices.

These things don’t come from a textbook or plaque on the wall.

To have a wildly successful business, you need solid systems, structures and marketing in place in addition to savvy money management practices – a killer mindset – and unshakeable confidence!

Unfortunately, until you know your worth and value, it’s hard to market yourself and create the income you desire.

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As you start feeling more empowered, you’ll naturally want to put yourself out there in new ways and take your business and money practices to the next level.  Unlimited possibilities await you!

Do you ever feel like a fraud?  Leave a comment below, and let me know!


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