Behind The Scenes Of Building An Empire

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There’s no doubt the entrepreneurial journey isn’t for the faint of heart. It can “test” us almost daily.

That said, it’s an extraordinary experience. Completely life-changing!

It can (and will) profoundly impact every area of your life in positive ways if you allow it.

September 1st was the one-year anniversary of bringing my business online.

As I reflect back on this past year, it’s amazing to see how much has changed – how my I’ve changed since I launched my business. What a year!

When I brought my business online, I had already been a coach for over 12 years. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting that going “online” would transform me as a woman.

After 20+ years of personal development work and 12+ years as a professional coach, I had a bit of a “been there – done that” mentality.

Let me tell you, this past year has rocked my world – rocked me to my core – and shown me parts of myself I didn’t know existed!

There have been tears (lots of them) – laughs (lots of them too) – late nights – early mornings – big wins – and everything in between.

I’ve been pushed to the limit and stretched (way) beyond my comfort zone on a regular (if not, daily) basis.

For me, becoming “visible” stretched me the most.

Creating content, writing powerful copy, building a brand, and selling comes naturally to me, and I love those parts of my business.  Those things are “effortless” for me (time-consuming, yes, but still fun).

What’s transformed me the most and pushed me to my outer “edge” was being “public” and sharing my message (and learning not to care what others think). I’m still a work-in-progress on this front.

Believe it or not, I’m actually an introvert and relish my privacy.

Prior to launching my business, I didn’t post on social media, had never taken a “selfie” and kept my private life, private.

There have been so many amazing moments and gifts this past year:

  • Working with extraordinary women from around the world who inspire me daily and make me a better woman and coach
  • Receiving a book publishing offer
  • Making incredible (like-minded) friends who hold the vision of my dreams with their own
  • Making great money in a way that allows me to use my talents – explore my passions – and provides me with unlimited freedom
  • International travel – global network – and so much more!

These are some of the highlights – the standout moments – the big wins and accomplishments.

There have also been times of terror – times when I questioned my path – times when I questioned if I had what it takes to be a “public figure.”

There have been moments of self-doubt, fear and everything in-between.

I share this with you because if you’re feeling any of these things, don’t give up. Take a bigger stand for yourself.  Look in the mirror, look into your eyes and know you’re a powerful woman.  You’re not alone.  You’ve got this!

I remember the day before my photo shoot, and I tried on my dress and it was tighter than usual.  I began to panic.  I texted my photographer and asked if we could reschedule.

For years I haven’t thought about my weight and am happy how I look, but that day it felt like my business was on the line. 

As I mentioned, I rarely take personal photos, and here I was about to get photos to bring my brand together (a brand that takes a stand for owning your power – being “sexy” – and embracing yourself) and that day I wasn’t feeling my best.

Again, a moment of terror.

Here’s the great news … My photographer wouldn’t let me cancel without forfeiting my payment, and my photos allowed me to see myself with new eyes and be even more compassionate with myself.

To this day, it’s one of the best – most transformational experiences I’ve ever had!  Even a year later, I still love my photos 🙂

Some of the greatest gifts of this past year are my business forced me to step into my power – claim my gifts – find my voice – ask for what I desire – and grow beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.

The difference a year can make is mind-blowing! My heart has exploded open – my soul has been nourished – I’m creating things I absolutely love – and I’m excited to see what’s next.

No matter where you are on your journey, keep showing up and going for what you want.  I promise you it gets easier!

Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with me. Here’s to another incredible year!


How has your business positively impacted you?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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