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How you treat your body not only impacts your health and romantic relationships, it also influences your business and bank account more than you may realize.

There’s a definite mind-body-money connection.

It can impact your brand – your desire to be visible – step into your power – schedule a photo shoot and/or market yourself fully.

It can also effect your ability ask for what you want (and what you know you are worth) as well as your ability to receive money, clients, and abundance on every level.

In your personal life, it can play out in the bedroom – your desire to be intimate – ask for what pleases you – and how much pleasure you allow yourself to receive.

Your body is your power source – your guide – your inner compass – and one of the keys to your success.

I wish I could say I haven’t fallen pray to the shame and disgust so many women feel around their bodies.

In the past, I abused my body and tortured my mind with cruel, malicious thoughts I’d never say to another human being but said to myself as part of my normal, daily self-talk.

I mind-f***ed myself – starved my body – exercised as if there’s no tomorrow –and broke my own heart countless times.

I spent a good majority of my life on the latest and greatest diets – lost and gained weight like it was a full-time job and berated myself for not being “good enough” – thin enough – and simply not measuring up.

I wouldn’t wish my journey on anyone, but it’s my journey, and I own it and honor it these days.  It’s made me the woman I am, and I can honestly say I like this woman.

These days, I own my beauty – celebrate my imperfections – and stand for and commit to myself no matter what.

I feel liberated – at peace with my body – and connected to my body’s inner wisdom.

My body helps guide my decisions. I trust my gut (so to speak) – honor my intuition – know the power of my 2nd chakra and what certain tingles and sensations mean.

When I’m tired, I rest.  Although not a profound concept, in the past I would have “pushed” through it. Not these days!

If I need to take a nap, I hop in bed until I feel rested.  The joy (and privilege) of owning my own business.

If I’m presented with a business opportunity and it feels “off,” I don’t hesitate to decline the offer.

If I need to make an important decision, I meditate and connect with my body.

When I meet a man and my body doesn’t light up and feel electrified, I don’t date him.

Essentially, I don’t take action on anything that doesn’t feel right internally.

When in doubt, know your body never lies. You have the answers within. Listen carefully.  Trust what you hear.

As Carolyn Myss (a medical intuitive) once said, “You don’t need a psychic to know you’re unhappy.”

Do you trust your body wisdom?  Do you allow your body to guide you?  Do you act on the messages you receive?

Check out the “Tap Into Pleasure” tapping script to connect with your body (pleasure, intimacy and ecstasy) more deeply.


How do you honor (or neglect) your body?  Leave a comment, and let me know!


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