Stand In Your Power & Charge Your Worth

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Have you ever been afraid to raise your rates or ask for what you really want?

Perhaps that’s easy for you, but you’re afraid to post on social media or spread your message in a bigger way and allow yourself to be highly visible.

After working with hundreds of women over the years, I’ve found these fears (in varying degrees) to be common regardless of how successful a woman becomes:

  • Fear of standing in your power
  • Fear of being vulnerable
  • Fear of being visible
  • Fear of not being “good enough”
  • Fear of not being perfect
  • Fear of being “too much”

Such fears can play out in your business, body, bank account and even your bedroom.

They can (and often do) show up in all areas of your life and leave no stone unturned.

What do these fears look like in the “real world?”

  • Not charging rates that reflect your experience, expertise and talents
  • Not setting appropriate boundaries in business and personal relationships
  • Not taking action on your big dreams and goals
  • Not living your purpose
  • Not allowing yourself to be visible (whether in business or intimate relationships)
  • Not scheduling a photo shoot because you don’t like how you look
  • Not making your health a priority or eating nourishing foods that fuel your body
  • Not feeling like you have time for self-care practices or doing the things you really want to do
  • Feeling guilty when you do take time for yourself (constant overwhelm)
  • Not making your pleasure a priority (in-and-out of the bedroom)
  • Holding back with your partner – not asking for what you desire

Regardless of how these fears play out, they all lead back to your personal power. 

That’s the common denominator – the missing link.

We all have the desire to be loved, valued, “seen,” validated and safe.  It’s normal to feel afraid, scared, and anxious at times. 

It’s from your “weakness” that your real strength lies – in your ability to surrender – to be real – to show up rather than “give up.”

As a woman, you run the spectrum of emotions, and that’s what makes you beautiful, special and unique. 

It’s also where your brilliance lies and where you can draw your strength and power and turn it into extraordinary real-world success.

It’s time to celebrate yourself – claim your power – go for your desires – and put yourself out there in new ways.

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Remember, when you’re not stepping into your personal power, you’re depriving yourself – and others – of your gifts and talents.  The world needs what only you can provide!

How is fear showing up in your life?  Are you ready to step into your power? 

Leave a comment, and let me know!

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