The Secret To Achieving Your Outrageous Goals Quickly

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Have you ever set a goal or looked at your vision board and started feeling uneasy?

Perhaps you set a goal and as much as you said you wanted it, you just couldn’t get yourself to do the things you knew you “should” do.

Setting goals can often be a fun, exciting and very powerful process.

That said, when you set big, outrageous goals, things can also get stirred up, and bring uncomfortable feelings can come to the surface.

If you’ve ever set a big goal and then experienced resistance, confusion and/or sadness, it’s possible you may be experiencing goal trauma.

Many women have a “dark cloud” around their goals because of a past event that didn’t work out the way they had hoped or planned.

Imagine a past goal that you put your heart and soul into that didn’t work out the way you anticipated and envisioned. 

Can you picture it?  Really feel into the image.  Breathe it in.

What do you see – hear – and feel?

What’s coming up for you?

Notice your thoughts and feelings and write them down with as much detail as possible.

Now, fill in the sentence, “I should have ________________.”

Many women will say they knew something was off, but they ignored their instincts and now they have a hard time trusting themselves again.  

For some, there was a price on their health, family, relationships or business.

If you can relate to this at all, use the “Outrageous Goals” tapping script I created and “tap” on what’s coming forward for you.


In order to achieve big goals, you need to be open and full of wonder, possibility, energy and excitement, and that’s not possible when you haven’t forgiven yourself for a past event or are feeling afraid to move forward.

After you’ve tapped, write down what you learned from the experience and any “gifts” you may have received.

Really do your best to be compassionate and gentle with yourself.  It takes courage to go for your dreams, and it’s important to remember you did your best at the time.

We all have 20/20 hindsight.  If you could have done better, you would have.

Please know that no matter what your experience has been in the past, you can move forward and create the life you envision for yourself.

Healing is always possible, and you can definitely move beyond these painful experiences once and for all.


What gifts have you received from these experiences? 

Leave a comment, and share your insights and new intentions!


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