The Connection Between Money, Power + Visibility

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Power can mean so many things, but today I wanted to talk to you about your personal power.

As a woman, your personal power is incredible.

Why?!?  Your personal power impacts everything you do in your life. That includes everything from your self-esteem to your ability to set boundaries, take action or even to live your purpose.

In your business, your personal power impacts what you charge, your ability to be seen and your willingness to shine!

It even shows up in your health by making time for self-care, eating right, and even being able to lose weight (if that’s something you desire).  You may feel like you don’t have time to focus on yourself and feel guilty when you do.

Not to get too “woo-woo,” but personal power comes from your Third Chakra: Your Power Center. This is where you take action from.

The “vows” we can make from this place are:

  • The Vow To Be Invisible
  • The Vow To Never Surrender
  • The Vow To Never Share Our True Gifts

These vows come from an energetic withholding and not feeling safe to shine. And when we’re not stepping into our personal power, we’re depriving ourselves – and the world – of our gifts.

Personally, this is still an area where there’s a great opportunity for growth for me. While I’m “visible” in many ways, there’s still another level I want to get to.

To me, this means being more visible in my personal life and showing up fully and passionately and taking even more emotional risks.

It means being more visible in my business and putting myself out there in new ways that really stretch me by getting on video and serving my audience in greater ways.

It means being more visible in my relationships by being even more vulnerable.

And for my body, it means allowing myself to have a photo shoot that showcases my more sensual side.

Today, I challenge you to think about how you may not be stepping into your personal power or withholding your brilliance in your life or your business.

This may show up for you differently than it does for me, but taking the time to identify where you’re holding back and not taking action, is valuable and necessary work. And you don’t need to do it alone. I’m here for you as you define what it means for you!

Just know, it’s your time to shine and that starts with embracing your personal power on a daily basis!


What will you do today to step into your power even more?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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