The Power Of Income Goals: Create Your Wealthy Reality

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Success is something we all pursue, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 12 years as a coach, we need a plan. We need specific tools and resources to help us become successful, and we must use them on an ongoing basis.

Today, I want to share with you 4 powerful, quick tips to help you catapult your success:

Tip #1: The Power Of Income Goals

This is THE most important step you can take to shift away from your old paradigm to a new wealthy reality.

When you set a goal outside of your comfort zone (which money goals typically are), it often causes resistance and uncomfortable emotions to surface (i.e., fear and anxiety).

It can highlight your limiting beliefs and skepticism.

That’s why women often shy away from setting these goals. If you fall into this category, please be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You’re not alone.

Make sure to set an income goal that’s a stretch but also within the realm of possibility.

For example, double your monthly or yearly income.  While it’s great to set big, outrageous goals, sometimes when you set a goal so far away from our current reality, it actually doesn’t “trigger” you and can make it hard to do the clearing work needed to get to the next level.

Although it may feel uncomfortable when feelings like shame, fear, anxiety, etc. arise, the good news is, you now see what’s blocking you and can start clearing it. (Note: I’ll cover that more shortly. Keep reading.)

Tip #2: Celebrate Every Victory

This is such an important step that many women neglect. Make sure to celebrate each and every success – both big and “small.” Keep in mind that all wins are important and count.

Also, when you celebrate every achievement, you rewire your brain and program it for greater success.

Tip #3: Stop, Drop + TAP!

Tapping (EFT) re-wires your nervous system and brain. If possible, tap everyday for 2 weeks and you’ll notice a huge shift. Even just minutes a day makes a big difference!

If you’re new to tapping, use the “tapping” script included in the Money Mastery Vault and create your own too. The great thing about tapping is you can’t do it wrong.

You can also use other clearing practices as well (NLP, self-hypnosis, release techniques, etc.) Personally, tapping is my “go-to” modality, but I love bringing in other techniques too.


Tip #4: Mentors, Masterminds + Community

Work with a mentorjoin my free Women’s Wealth & Empowerment Circle – get an accountability partner and surround yourself with other fierce, visionary women who will empower and celebrate you every step of the way.

As you begin this journey, be gentle and compassionate with yourself and go at your own pace. Take things slowly and allow your intuition to guide you too. Think in terms of “baby-steps.”

Remember, you’re a powerful, resourceful woman and you deserve money (big money) – pleasure – passion – and all of life’s treasures.

Which tip will you try? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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