The Question I Can’t Answer … Can You?

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Last month I was speaking to a coach who asked me, “If you had no restrictions or limitations, what would you do, be, and have by this time next year?”

Of course, I rattled off some huge, outrageous and (if you ask me me) pretty “impressive” goals.

I set goals on a regular basis, and commitment and accountability aren’t my “issues.”

I take things to the Nth degree and put my heart and soul into my desires.

So why am I bringing this up, you ask?  This question “haunted” me for weeks, and I still can’t get it out of my mind. 

It triggered something deep in the core of my being.  I felt emotional, uneasy and “off.”  I went from feeling elated to lost in deep contemplation.

This may seem like such a simple question for a coach.

After all, I set goals ALL. THE. TIME. It’s what I do! It lights me up and makes me happy.

There’s nothing like the feeling of setting a goal and going for it!  I love feeling inspired – lit up – and on purpose.

I love committing to a goal and seeing what I’m able to create when I let go of excuses and limiting beliefs.  It’s euphoric, liberating and eye-opening!

So here’s the deal, I absolutely love what I do!

I’ve accomplished so many things. I do what I want to do – when I want to do it. Freedom is my “thing,” and I have it. I’m truly blessed and immensely grateful.

Soulmate clients – Yes!

Supportive friends – Absolutely!

Loving family – Deeply blessed!

Pleasure + Play – I’ve got it covered!

Now, it’s time to go deeper.

When I answer that question for myself, it’s not about “accomplishing” something. 

Do I want to write a book next year?  It’s in process!

Am I thrilled to expand my business? You bet!

Am I excited to launch my new programs? Yes, indeed!  Can’t wait!

All these things excite me and set my soul on fire.  I work with the best women who inspire me and make me a better coach and woman.  They are my friends – family – and inner circle.

I’ve traveled the world, have countless degrees and certifications, and lived a magical, blessed life.

AND (not “but”) when I answer the question I asked above, I know there’s more to it.  

Needless to say, these questions are coming up at the perfect time as I dive into my Tantra retreat in Thailand. No accidents. Ever.

My coach always said, The stronger the ‘why’ – The easier the ‘how.‘”

To live an epic life, we need to be so connected to our vision, we can feel it deep in our body.

To know if we’re “on track,” it’s important to access our body-wisdom – to get out of our mind and into our body.  So, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m taking Qigong in the morning – dancing in the afternoon – and exploring my sensual practices in the evening.  I’m also getting 3-4 massages a week.

I’m connecting to my body deeply and taking my feminine practices to the next level.  I’m committed to answering this question from the depths of my being.

That’s the beauty and wisdom of our femininity. Our intuition and feminine gifts are our power source and secret weapon.

So, today I invite you to answer the questions that are on my mind and in my heart:

  1. What’s the big juicy goal in your life that if it happened everything would be better?
  2. If you had NO restrictions or limitations, what would you do, be, and have by THIS TIME next year?

Your answers may surprise you can set you on a new trajectory if you allow them.


What’s your big goal, and where you’d like to be by this time next year? 

Leave a comment below, and let me know!

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