Do You Feel Torn Between Your Desires?

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When I first started studying Tantra, I never realized it was about integrating “opposites.”  I can’t even begin to describe how excited that made me feel.

Most my life I felt like I had to choose between the things I wanted most and was always left feeling unhappy and unsettled.

I felt like I had to choose between money or spirituality – family or business – passion or friendship – pleasure or success.

The same was true in my business.  I was “supposed” to focus on one thing and put my other passions aside.

This worked for awhile, but eventually I was left feeling incomplete.  I felt like the best parts of me were being left behind.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to bury pieces of my personality.  I won’t.

They’re pieces of my soul and what make me unique.  They’re the parts of me I treasure most.

To be a truly empowered woman means embracing all parts of yourself – your light and your shadow – your joy and your pain – your strengths and your weaknesses – your desires and your fantasies.

It means feeling empowered on every level: Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and financially.

How can you possibly choose between one or the other?  You can’t.  

Your health fuels your business. 

Your body guides your intuition.  

Rest gives you the strength to move forward. 

Meditation connects you to your purpose. 

Passion ignites your creativity.  

Love nourishes your soul. 

Sex invigorates you and connects you to your power source.  

There’s absolutely no way to compartmentalize these things.  They go hand-in-hand.

As a woman, you’re multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, multi-passionate.

When you’re unbalanced in one area, the other areas don’t function properly.  For awhile, maybe.  Long-term?  No way!

What happens “in” your business is a direct reflection of what happens “outside” your business.  When your personal life is on fire, your business is booming!

After working with hundreds of women over the years, I’ve had countless women double, triple and even quadruple their incomes when they gave themselves permission to prioritize pleasure, pampering, intimacy and self-care.

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Don’t get me wrong, they were deeply committed and had powerful systems and structures in place, but since they were no longer feeling deprived, burnt-out and resentful of their business, they were able to catapult their success.

They felt vibrant, alive, inspired and nurtured.  They were connected to the deepest parts of themselves – their families – and their communities.

This allowed them to show up fully and powerfully.  They were present, excited and filled with enthusiasm.  They were magnetic and charismatic.

Are you off-balance?  

Here’s a “Lifestyle Map” to guide you and show you what’s next on your path:

As you integrate each area into your life more fully, you’ll soar to new heights.

You’ll easily create the wildly success business you crave – the intimate, passionate relationship that feeds your heart and electrifies your body – and the bank account that makes you feel safe, supported and free.

The possibilities are endless.  It’s time to stand in your power and authenticity – embrace all sides of yourself – and claim your desires!


Where are you feeling empowered, and where are you feeling out-of-balance? 

Leave a comment, and let me know!

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