Rich Women Think, “AND” …

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Being “rich” encompasses so many things.  Yes, it represents financial freedom, luxury and material possessions, but it goes way beyond money.

It’s about creating a life that’s rich in meaning – a life that feeds your soul – is filled with passion – and fuels you on every level (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially).

It’s about being in right relationship with yourself – your finances – your body – and your relationships with others.  Being “rich” is about creating a life that lights you up and sets your soul on fire!

Financially, being rich is about having an empowered relationship with money using it to fund your deepest heart’s desires – unapologetically and without shame.

It’s about releasing the financial struggle, eliminating your money blocks and soaring financially – allowing prosperity and abundance into every area of your life.

Emotionally, being rich is about being surrounded by people who love and support you in fulfilling your purpose and heartfelt dreams.

It means feeling safe and secure and living an inspired life.

Being rich is about allowing yourself to receive all of life’s treasures: love, money, pleasure, and rewards.  It’s about being rich in life and in love and having the ability to live the life you’ve always wanted.

My mentor used to always say, “Choosing between love and money is like choosing between your arm or your leg. Rich people think, ‘and’ – poor people think, ‘or.'”

So often I hear women tell me they feel like they have to choose between money or spirituality – family or business – passion or friendship – pleasure or success.

I don’t know about you, but I’m committed to a life filled with passion, pleasure, intimacy and ecstasy. A life filled with meaning, connection and a deep spiritual purpose.

A life of “and” instead of “or.”

Success and soul. Money and meaning. Pleasure and play. Passion and partnership. Love and friendship. Intimacy and ecstasy.

What are you committed to experiencing? 

Today, I invite you to define what being “rich” means to you, and then take at least one action towards creating the rich, meaningful life you desire.

What’s your definition of “rich”?  Leave a comment, and let me know!
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