Is Your Stuff Keeping You Broke (And Stuck)?

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Our home is a metaphor for every aspect of our life.  It represents what we value, how we take care of things, and what’s important to us. 

There’s no “right” way or “wrong” way to create your space.  It’s about being true to yourself, honoring your uniqueness and living in alignment with your own personal values, needs and desires.

When it comes to your home (and office), the goal is to create a sacred, uplifting, energetic environment that represent you … the woman you are now and the woman you want to evolve into becoming. 

Rebecca McLoughlin, an Interior Designer, talks about 6 common types of space relationships:  The Hoarder, The Ultra-Minimalist, The Throwback, Skeletons In The Closet, Lavish Lucy, and Waiting For Perfect. 

I really love how she breaks things down, and for our purposes, I’m going to relate them back to your life, body and business. 

1.  The Hoarder

This is the woman who holds onto possessions and is afraid of letting go of what no longer serves her.  She’s operating from fear and scarcity thinking.  She doesn’t trust something better will come along. 

Food for Thought:  Check in with yourself and see if there’s any correlation to your body, business and/or bank account.  Are you holding onto excess weight?  Are you afraid of releasing a client that doesn’t value you?  Does making a lot of money feel unsafe to you on some level? 

Opportunity:  Allow yourself to let go of something you’ve been holding onto in your home and are hesitant to release.

2.  The Ultra-Minimalist 

This is the woman who keeps possessions at a minimum, so much so that her space feels a little too empty.  This way of living can be fear-based and scarcity-driven as well.  This woman pushes things away and often she has a hard time receiving.

This is the description I most identified with when I read Rebecca’s work.  I always prided myself on being a “minimalist,” but I realized there was a lot of truth in her words.  I had a hard time receiving support, honoring my needs and trusting the Universe would provide. 

When it came to my body, I bounced between bingeing and purging and rarely listened to my body’s needs and cries for help.  I often deprived myself, pushed away my cravings, and denied my true desires – whether they pertained to food or life.

Food for Thought:  When it comes to your dreams, do you restrict yourself?  Do you deny your cravings – your yearnings – and your deepest heart’s desires?  Are you “afraid” to go after what you really want?  Do you live by the “less is more” theory?

Opportunity:  Purchase something beautiful for yourself that makes you smile.  It doesn’t need to be expensive.  Just make sure it reflects you and makes you happy.  Also, allow yourself to receive all of life’s treasures: love, gifts, money, help, and support.

3.  The Throwback

Does your home reflect an outdated version of yourself?  Have you moved to a new level in your life and business, but your belongings represent the woman you used to be? 

Food for Thought:  Do your clothes represent an outdated version of yourself?  Are you dressing “on brand” according to the woman you are now and want to become? 

Opportunity:  Begin to update your home (in alignment with your financial goals and “values-based” budget, of course) to represent the woman of your dreams – the woman who has an “empire” – and lives her life unapologetically.

4.  Skeletons In The Closet

Perhaps your home looks perfect on the outside, but your drawers are overflowing with stuff and your closets are a mess.  Often, we try to present the best version of ourselves to the outside world, but inside, we’re plagued with secrets and hiding things.

Food for Thought:  Do you eat well when you’re with family and friends and then eat the things you feel you “shouldn’t” be eating in private?  Do you hide purchases from your lover or spouse? Do you feel ashamed of your spending habits and what’s happening behind closed doors?

Opportunity:  I always tell my clients that baby-steps lead to quantum leaps.  Begin by spending short periods of time cleaning out those spaces that are messy and not to your satisfaction, and ask for help if you need it.

5.  Lavish Lucy

Do you spend money compulsively on your home?  Many women purchase things in the hopes of filling a void, but no matter what they buy, the feeling of emptiness lingers.  Maybe you’re constantly redecorating and buying new things for your space, but you still feel unfulfilled.  If that’s the case, your space is probably not the issue but simply a mirror for something deeper.

Food for Thought:  Do you spend money compulsively?  Do you rush through life without giving those you love your full attention?  Do you eat when you’re not hungry?  What are you really craving?

Opportunity:  The next time you’re about to buy something impulsively, ask yourself what you really want.  Perhaps you need a nap, a day off, time with a girlfriend, a romantic evening with your lover, and/or support of some sort.  Take time to investigate other ways you can nourish yourself.

6.  Waiting For Perfect

Are you waiting until you move into your “perfect” home until you decorate your space and make it special?  Perhaps you can’t afford your ideal home right now so you figure, why bother? 

You’re waiting until “One day” … One day when you have the money … One day when you have your dream home … One day when you have your ideal partner.  At one time or another, we’ve all been in that space – waiting for that magical day when life becomes “perfect.”

Food for Thought:  Are you waiting until you book 3 more clients – reach your ideal weight – have more money in the bank – etc. to live the life you’ve always wanted?  Waiting to buy clothes, take your dream vacation, start dating, hire a coach, up-level your business or take a class? 

Trust me, I know what it’s like to live for “someday.” Unfortunately, “someday” isn’t a day of the week, and it never comes.

Opportunity:  Do something in your current space that you’ve been putting off until you have your dream home.

Allow yourself as much time as you need to create a sacred space for yourself as it may bring up a lot of emotions as well.  Be gentle and compassionate with yourself, and remember this is a process. 

As we clear things out on the physical level, we clear them internally as well.  As you transform your home, notice how that impacts your business and other areas of your life.  You’ll be amazed!!

What will you do to recreate your space and make room for your true heart’s desires?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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