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Are You Acting Like A Million Dollar Woman?

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Have you ever wondered “why” you keep attracting the same situations and people into your life? Have you ever thought, “Why me?” Many women experience the same things repeatedly in their lives whether it plays out in their relationships, business, finances, or health. It seems as if they’re “unlucky,” but … Read More

“I Can’t Be Spiritual + Sexy”

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Do you ever say things like…? “I can’t be spiritual and sexy.” “I can’t have love and money.” “I can’t be sexy and professional.  I won’t be taken seriously.” I recently looked up the word, “abracadabra,” and it means, “I create what I speak.” Say out loud, “I create what I speak,” and … Read More

5 Quick Ways To Raise Your Wealth Thermostat + Create A Rich Mindset

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There are thousands of books on practical things to do with your money (and I’ll be discussing them too throughout our journey together), but what’s not talked about as much are the internal ways to change your wealth thermostat and set yourself up for success. “The Inner Game of Wealth” … Read More