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The Secret To Creating Money Miracles!

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  If you’ve been in my community for awhile, you know I’m a woman who loves words! I believe in conscious language and know that the words we speak have power in them. Not only are words incredibly potent, what we say becomes our reality. Less than 2 months ago, … Read More

Show Me The Money!

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We live in a society that glorifies money and success, and yet so many women are reluctant to talk about their finances and have a lot of guilt and resistance around creating wealth. Many of us remember the phrase, “Show me the money!” from Jerry McGuire. So many women want … Read More

Rich Life = Rich Focus

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When you say, “Yes!” to one thing, you automatically say, “No!” to something else. When you, “Yes!” to building wealth, you say, “No!” to neglecting your finances. When you say, “Yes!” to building your business, you say, “No!” to treating your business as a hobby. When you say, “Yes!” to … Read More